Sunday, 2 March 2014

Article:Army Action...in North

Today many Parties and groups of people are in favor of Army Action in North. No doubt, It is condemnable to massacre  FC workers but it is also not encouraging to attack on  another area's citizens while criminals belong to a separate area. Then we should keep a fact in mind that in northern area millions of civilians are  living. It is so challenging to  vacate that population while we have not yet
given proper shelters who are vacated already.There are 30 to 35 talibaan groups and all of them are not aggressive. Most of them want peace and cease fire.
It is also welfare of our state to separate by negotiating the peace seekers from  aggressive. Taking this step, Govt would be able to win public favor and moreover may be able to concentrate the aggressives in a proper way and with more power. We should remember that fact too that during Army Action in Bangladesh many opportunists were favoring it but today all people are against it. We have to strengthen our borders by developing a friendly relationship with them as they were before 1988.
It is also alarming that more than 26 intelligence agencies are working in Pakistan. Pakistan is second in this list.Many of them are foreigners. How it is possible that terrorist cross them and reach even in GHQ.Mehran Base and Kamra Base. These terrorist are not locally trained or equipped like Talibaan.It is time to ponder in the light of new circumstance.