Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Article:New movement Imran Khan and Nawaz meeting

''You wished to consult me and I came to see you'',These were lovely remarks of PM Nawaz Sharif when he called on Imran Khan at his home without any protocol. He had come to discuss Talibaan Issue with Imran Khan as his PTI is in power in province KPK which is directly involved with Talibaan. Imran Khan's stand for Talibaan is also important in politics. He said that he wants to resolve this problem without shedding one drop of a Muslim. I think if Nawaz Sharif is sincere in this statement this will be Inshallah a turning point in Pakistan History. Imran Khan also appreciated very warmly his sincere efforts and promised to stand by him at every step. He said Army action is last tool and it should be used but just to press terrorists.He said that people opposing negotiaton are not friend of Pakistan.Negotiation has divided a line between terrorist and peace seeker Talibaan.   They also formed a new committee who will negotiate openly with Taaliban. The former committee will also support them. This is a great movement. May Allah give all leaders to take this Issue  to a better end. As Habib jalib had said that way to democracy is not easy but it is inevitable.We as a nation have to sacrifice our interests and at a time our lives too if we wish to live with honor,peace and prosperity.