Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Imraan Khan .

.History tells that Imraan refused to become PM from a back doors but some journalists are blaming him that he is trying to become Prime minister by demolishing the present system. To give his opinion or even to protest again a unjust action is his basic right as a citizen of Pakistan. We should keep in mind that Imran is not an angel he is a human being and have to make his team among Human beings..So it is not justice to make him target and to fire him blindly. When people of KPK are asked about him most of them are satisfied with his policies.His work is visible so no need to propagate. Problem is that he pinpoints blunders of Corrupt Politicians so they are annoyed by him and try to reject him totally.  He has collected charity but he has shown the result too. It is not shameful as some politicians try to project. It is honor that a public figure like him is making internationally recognized institutions while working Govt wasted public money in just useless foriegn tours and security of Corrupt Politicians.