Saturday, 5 July 2014

Article: Ramzan

Ramzan is ninth month of Muslim Lunar calender in which almost all Muslims throughout the world are with fast or sawm(Arabic name). It begins about 11 days earlier each year. During a Muslim's life, Ramadan will fall both during winter months, when the days are short, and summer months, when the days are long and the fast is more difficult.
Ramazan is the month in which Prophet Muhammad s.a.w recieved first  revelation of Quraan.
.Sawm or Fast means to refrain from eating, drinking and from going near our spouse from dawn to dusk(fajr azan to maghrib). It is 3rd pillar of Islam.Quraan says,
 ''Oh Muslims Sawm is prescribed to you as It was prescribed to people before you so that you become modest(motaqqi).
 Generally Allah orders us to do good and refrain from evil but during Fast Allah commands Muslims to refrain from their right desires for a specific time to see who is more obedient.
Other prayers are open to our society while Fast is too much private prayer.So Allah says,
            ''Fast is for me and I will reward for it.''
During Ramazan Muslims all over the world get up & sleep, eat drink & stop eating and drinking and pray at same time. This behavior enhance a sense of oneness and unity among them.
 Fast is must for all  Muslims except sick,child, traveler, mentally retarded, pregnant woman, women who are menstruating and too much old people.
 Fast is compulsory in all religion. Aim is to make people know the suffering of poor practically and induce common Muslims to help poor and needy. About prophet Muhammad s.a.w his followers tell,
  ''During Ramazan  his generosity became like very fast blowing winds''
Our thirst and hunger will be meaningless if we don't leave bad practices like lie,back biting, leg pulling and  theft etc. Allah not only wants to make us self restraint physically but also urge to purify and elevate our spirit. This elevation and purification should be observed throughout the year but Ramzan is a special practice period. Allah says,
  ''Allah has no concern with your thirst and hunger unless you refrain from all kinds of sins''
He at another place says,
  ''The Muslims who  fasted with belief their last sins will be forgiven.''