Tuesday, 22 July 2014


I admit with so misery that its main fault is of   Muslim.They are so much involved in their selfish grounds that they have no time to even speak with real force  against  this terrorism. Limit is that they are assisting the terrorists. Look at the injustice of Israel that it has forcefully occupied the native area of Palestinians at the consent of America and  with that he is harassing, killing and making life of Palestinians very very difficult. And when we probe at the matter our heart bleeds to see that in France, Europe youth is standing against this injustice but most of brother Muslim Arab countries are assisting Israel. Egypt is  only way of Palestine's connection with the outer world as three sides sea is covering the area where Israel's ship are observing each movement of Palestinians. Instead of helping the victims of terrorism it is assisting Israel in this barbarism and stopping food and medical supplies coming to Palestine from other countries. It is the Egypt where elected Govt of Akhwan's was demolished by Army at America,s will and a pro-Israel Govt was established  which is acting in inhuman way. In Algeria and in Syria too elected Govt of pro-Muslim parties were  forcefully smashed. Israel says that Hamas followers kidnapped and killed two Israelis so  Palestine was attacked. Hamas denies this allegation . Suppose they did so then why kids and women at so high level are bombarded. Number of martyred is crossing 600 while killing of Israelis is not more than  13 to 15. I have nothing to say at this saddest moment that yes first of all it is exposure of Muslim's selfishness, greed, lust for world and we who are pretending of being ignorant at this injustice and then It has also unmasked the real face  of modern democracy. About this demcracy Allama Iqbal has said ,
jmhooreat vo tarz e hakoomat hay jis may
bundon ko gina krtay hein tola nahin krtay
(He means that in democracy,not the ability but the number of votes is foundation of Government.) We should keep in mind that Allah delays but never leave any person or nation without reward and at the same time punishment. so now both sides should understand the fact that they have to  accept each other and your rights and have to take care of them for your own rights too.The world should stand by them who are right.