Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Article;An important and pleasant point

In surah e Baqra in verse 135-136 Allah says:''Jew say, become Jew.you will get guidance. Christian say, become Christian you will get guidance. Say them,No! Leave all and follow the path of Abraham.''
 Explaining the meaning of these verses and so on in Tafseer Fi Zilal ul Quran Syed Qutab Shaheed tells that Allah directs Prophet Mohammad S.A.W to say them, ''Let us go back to our roots...Abraham's path...he is ancestor of  Muslim as well as yours ...he was not kaffir but you are.''
Then Allah declares of that chain whom equal circles were Abraham, Ismail, Is'haaq, Jaqoob, Mosa, Isa and Mohammad S.A.W. This code of life makes Islam a universal code of life which has no prejudice, No exploitation. It guides to build an open society, whose members have completely oneness among them selves and they deeply love each other. One who accepts
that guideline will get his goal of life Inshallah!!!