Friday, 1 November 2013

Article: Importance of Language

Language is one of the  important factors which gives a person or a nation an identity.. So when ever invaders came in a country they concentrate on language of that territory.British hired many writers and asked them to write their folk stories in easy manner.Objective was to understand the people's psyche.When Muslim's rule came to an end and Europe occupied states of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Spain, Arabic was banned there.Muslims could keep Qur'an in their homes but in roman alphabet. Apparently it was not an important action but as history tells that although people of that generation know how to read Arabic but next generation didn't know anything about Arabic.Keeping distance from language they also went far away from the culture and association of Arabian ancestors.In Bang la dash Urdu was national language before 1973 when it was wing of Pakistan.After separation from west wing(present Pakistan) and establishment of Bang la dash Urdu was banned at national level.Same incident happened here.People of next generation forgot Urdu.
   Language is not just a heap of words.It depicts culture of a country. By reading Novels and stories of our own language we can understand believes, myths,rituals and traditions of a nation.We feel a sense of freedom,confidence,fluency and association while talking in our own language.
It is a big source of communication among people living in different regions speaking different languages in a country.This source does not only help in trade and other professional life but also brings an harmony and unity among different groups in country having different concepts and creeds.Having a common language they can easily share their views,conflicts and problems and if good instinct is there they can also sort out them too with the passage of time.
Literature tells us how people of a specific area and of a specific time felt and believed.It needs a language which can embody unseen feelings and emotions.So only that language can play a better role here to whom writer is familiar to his very childhood.Similes and metaphors of a language have a vast and deep  background which helps a writer to share with his reader the most complex thoughts,agonies and happy moments. This is the reason that many writers converted from foreign languages to their own language like Allama Iqbal,Faiz Ahmed Faiz,Pitras Bukhari and Qudrat Allah Shahab.
No doubt,it is very necessary to be unbiased for an historian. At the same time it is a common rule that history about Hinduism will be written by a Hindu historian and history of Islam will be written by a Muslim in a well manner because they are well acquainted to all aspects of their religion.
In short, we can say in words of Iqbal jsa zaba kahaa aazad bndaa ha wohee zaba means Language prevails of that nation who is in power.        ================================================================================================================================================================                                              +