Monday, 18 November 2013

How to Up Lift...

In fact our family system,society and govt all institution are growing weaker.It is necessary for parents to sit with them from childhood and tell them importance of family relationship and create in them love for humanity and religion.Society should have such programs like sports,libraries,literary forums where our youth could express themselves.These activities will enhance their inner qualities too.Govt should give all people opportunities to learn a skill or to get a degree  and then provide them space to work.And the most important a sense of gharat(ego) is the urgent need of time.Public and govt will have to work at this topic together.Corrupt hand should be cut off so that other may never have  a courage to do such action and the man having an innovation should be uplifted without a discrimination(not sent to jail),We have to sacrifice for this mission. We need a sincere leader who can expose himself clean before his people.Then People will  have to stand with him have to sacrifice as well then change will come Inshallah.