Monday, 11 November 2013

Traveling: Shah Pur Dam Pakistan

Restaurant near Dam, dam is red in the background......For photo Thanx to MuclicksShahpur Dam in back ground
Again it was week end. As my eldest and dearest sister was in Pakistan and she is so passionate and adventurous that we (sis and bros) are always ready to do some thing new with her.We live in Rawalpindi at a point which is junction of Rawalpindi and Islamabad and here are so much picnic spots near and far away.After many discussions Dam of Shahpur was selected to explore.
 It is situated at Fateh Jang road adjacent to GT road at a drive of about 30 minutes from Rawalpindi. On Sunday we left for Dam at 10A.M.It was 1st week end of November and winter was approaching.Breeze was a bit cold but shining sun was making the weather very pleasant.When we turned left towards Fateh Jang road we saw Orchards of Oranges and Tulips.I took a deep breath. Strong fragrance of ripen Oranges  was very refreshing.Wild berries were growing in our way. Soon the Dam was in front of us spreading in miles. A winding road was taking us to the spot specified for tourists .There were many beautiful restaurants on both sides of the road.We have to cross a dense forest to approach the dam.It was on plain area so we can see most of its view and can go near water.Some fishermen were tying their luggage after a  stay with their family for a month.
Across the dam is area of Wah and grand building of POF(Pakistan Ordinance Factory) was looking good with the cool back ground of greenery.
We hired two boats and went for boating.Breeze was refreshing and had a bit moisture .We splashed water upon each other and boats rolled on and all of us screamed at a time.Ripples of water were flowing  very fast  and enlightened due to shinning sun.We had no need of flash for photo taking because reflection of shinning waves was doing this duty.We walked on the banks of the waters for a while.Sun was setting and  making waters red.Wild birds were coming to their nests so dense forest was echoing with their different mingled voices  when we bid farewell to that bewildered place.
We entered in a restaurant for meal.As these restaurants are built far from city so they  were not congested. They have wide lawns en lighted with beautiful decorated lights.One can sit on chairs or on clean carpets laid on some wide benches for relax meal.We ate there fresh fried fish,Chicken krahi and roghni nan and then tea.My brother again took some unforgettable scenes for his website Muclick. It
was a complete trip and in-spite of increasing cold every one of us was over joyed and contented.At 8.00P.M we departed.