Saturday, 16 November 2013

Article: No to Blood Shedding...

Today I am so depressed.About 50 to 60   people were killed and about one hundred were  seriously injured in Mosque during Nmaz e Jumma in result of a clash between Shia and Sunni people.Inspite of negotiating at a minor problem a chemical fire was lit which burnt most of people praying in mosque. Many buildings and precious luggage of million rupees (as it was main market) was also burnt.Many students of 12,13,and 14 years old were deadly tortured and after that were slaughtered. Then firing started.Police and rangers were called and situation was controlled at some extent. Both parties were Muslims and I can't believe that a Muslim can be so cruel to his Muslim brothers specially during prayer.Before this accident we were listening news several times from different cities that these two sects are getting very sensitive and intolerant about each other but to see this terrorism in my own city at so high level is  very shocking.I couldn't sleep throughout the night well.Faces of little children wearing their new and clean dresses and caps splashing in blood flashed again and again before my eyes.When will we awake?Who will find and throw out the evil planner sitting in us in disguise.We need to seek more and more common things between Shia and Sunni groups and should keep reminding each other again and again that their real recognition is as Muslim. We need a Muslim leader who could unite us under the flag of Islam and Humanity and may guide us to a way of sense and knowledge so that we may be able to see a dawn of progress  and prosperity.Where we feel us safe from ignorant tribal type of blood shedding.May Allah bless the victims of accident with  Martyrdom and shower upon us calm and peace but mind it Allah helps those who help themselves so we need to be alert and active as a nation not just for our welfare but also for our countrymen.