Saturday, 23 November 2013

Article: Charity

Charity begins at home. No doubt it is correct but the question is what is charity. Mostly we give our Zakat, Fitrana and other sadqa to our Housemaids and think that justice is done.In fact,justice is not done properly. More deserving of this charity amount categorized in Quraan are Orphan children,Old people having no support,,passengers,widows and people who are helpless and needy but can not go after you for their needs.
When ever we see back in History we se Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) and his followers all were busiest persons in the world but they always tried their best to go ahead from their fellow men in helping some needy,poor, old or sick people.This behavior continued in different forms for hundred years after Hazrat Mohammad(SAW)'s death. Then Muslims were involved in lavish styles of life.Their own necessities multiplied so much that they had no time no money for needy people.Now this duty is performed by Governments
of developing countries like England where infants, jobless,old and needy people get allowance  from their  governments.Students of these countries have to opt a subject like baby care or social work.They don't only study these subjects but also practice them. Students are also encouraged to raise funds for social issues.
In our country a cyclone of schools college and University can be seen.We have got so much involved in mobile, computers and socializing that  we have no time to see what is happening to our next door neighbor or why an aunt who was seldom seen in street is compelled to sit beside the road for begging.
All religion condemn begging but just to condemn is not enough.It is duty of Govt to help and comfort helpless and needy people.Public sector should also come forward. In these days we spend so much in Restaurants like McDonald, KFC and on other luxuries.If we save a part of this expenditure and spend it to feed or comfort  some helpless and needy people we will enjoy true and ever lasting happiness which we can never experience in worldly comforts.