Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Article: Molwi Abdul Qadir of Bangladesh

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Molwi Abdul Qadir was hanged on 12 December.It is internal matter of an independent country like Bangladesh but it has led Pakistan to a new tide of criticism and discussion. Jammat e Islami denies  the allegation on Abdul Qadir and their other workers that they were involved in thousands of Bengali's massacring. People Party says then who murdered those people. Imran Khan of PTI says that if Bengali had not announced of their independence Pakistan Army would had operated several times in Bangladesh(East Pakistan at that time) after the Big operation of 25th March 1971.
  Today media is free. Every body has access to the current news.So common man is worried about hanging a person of 92 years old after 42 years.
 We have to start our study from the freedom movement for United Pakistan(East and west Pakistan). The two wings were tied together on the base of religion. They were different linguistically and  geographically but people of both wings struggled for independence side by side. Hindu Muslim conflict was not only in west Pakistan areas but it was also keeping backward the Muslim of Bengal in all spheres of life. Nawab Saleem Ullah Khan of  Dhaka was great advocate of Muslim rights and he fully supported the plan for partition of Bengal. Due to his constant efforts, British Govt allowed to separate Bengal. He organized Muslim politically and struggled hard to promote them socially and economically.
 When Muslim of Pak India formed Muslim League, Many Bengali leaders struggled for Muslim rights. Mujib ur Rehman was an active member of Muslim League and he fought physically with Hindus  in 1947 and he stood by with Fatima Jinnah in the election of 1964. When Dictator Ayub Khan defeated Fatima Jinnah by rigging, Mujib supported Fatima Jinnah.
 In 1970 election Awami League won but instead of inviting it to form the govt Yahya Khan started Army Operation in East Pakistan on pressure of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Jamaat e Islami supported that Army Operation and  in form of Albadr and alshams groups fought with freedom fighters. This was a blunder  of Jamaat.  No doubt, it was Pakistan Army but their action  against their own   citizen was wrong so Jmmat should not follow them.Mukti Bahni(in raw form at that time) also killed many West Pakistanis and Bihari Jamaat's workers, even then military operation was not solution of the problem.In Pakistan,Jamaat Islami had repeated this mistake again and again. Instead of taking their own stance they had taken shelter of Army which had scattered its force and deprived it to establish its roots to public level.
 During signing Shimla treaty, both Pakistan and India had agreed that war criminals will not be charged in courts. International Human Associations are also protesting against hanging a person who was involved in war crimes with millions of other Mukti Bahni or Jamaat e Islami workers.The court which is called international tribunal is formed on  domestic basis.It has no connection with international laws.
  Many people say that protesters in Shahbagh were not so furious who could compel PM Mrs Hasina Wajid to hang Abdul Qadir. In fact, she is taking revenge of her family murder by Dictator Zia ur Rehman whom Jamaat e Islami was an ally. Some people say that Mrs Hasina belongs to secular group like her father who gradually went under influence of India and tried to convert Bangladeh into a secular state. People of Bangladesh are strongly associated with Islam so they got annoyed with Mujib at his secular modifications. Now a days election is near and she wants to create an issue to pressurize  Islamic powers to come in power again but as situation tells agitations are getting worse. Till now, about 16 people have been killed in protest rallies and about 18 opposition Parties have boycotted the Election. This situation h is not good for Hasina too.
  Pakistani Parliament has also passed  a resolution of condemnation in which it is said that Abdul Qadir was a Patriotic Pakistani and his action was not against Bangladesh because Bangladesh had not come into existence at that time. Bangladesh Govt has got annoyed at passing this resolution and has considered this action against the sovereignty of their country.
 Now a question raises. What is the solution of this problem?  Famous Poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz had said a ghazal at the time of separation of East Pakistan. Look at it :
Ham k thehraa ajnabi kitni mudaraton k baad
phir bnaa ga aashna kitni mulaqaton ka baad
kab nazr ayaa gi vo ba dagh sabzaa ki bahar
khoon k dhabaa dhulaa ga kitni barsaton k baad
 Like Faiz and many of us has spent a golden period of their youth or childhood in Bangladesh and many Bengali had given their precious time to Pakistan.We wish  to see Disney land of our childhood or youth. We want friendship with our religious sisters and brothers.It is duty of our young Leaders like Hasina Wajid, Nawaz Sharif and others to forget past and step forward with a new courage, enthusiasm,sincerity and respect of each other sovereignty.Pakisatn should not hesitate to apologize to Bangladesh. Germany had apologized to jews for halocaust committed by Hitler and British Govt apologized to public of Jalianwala for firing of British Police on them. This action can make a space in the heart of Bangladeshi people who are still hurt because of mental,spiritual and physical injuries by their own Army. If we can negotiate with India who was big player of this hurt ful game for trade and transport
then why we can not be in comfort with each other. Please ponder upon it and comment....