Thursday, 16 January 2014

Article: Trail3 Islamabad

Trail 3  begins from Margalla Road, F-6/3 at the junction of Margalla Road and Ataturk Road. It is a little rough, raw and steep so it is quite hard to go up. It takes 30 to 50 minutes to reach up to the top . After the top you can continue on for another easy-going 45 - 60 mins and reach the Pir Sohawa, where you can choose from 3 restaurants for food, The Monal, Treehouse and Capital View Restaurant. This is the most popular walk..
Trail 4 is a link trail between Trails 3 and 5
Trail 5 also begins from Margalla Road in F-5  down from Trail 3 and is initially an easier trail to climb. Trail 5 connects with Trail 3 (via Trail 4) and meets beyond Trail 3's viewpoint. If you continue on Trail 5 you eventually meet the Pir Sohawa road  although it is possible to get lost on Trail 5 and veer too far east. Don’t try Trail 5 without a GPS or a friend who has done it before. From the top of Trail 5 it is 1.5km to the top of Trail 3 – hence you can do a loop, taking 3 – 4 hours.

 It is very necessary to keep a fresh water bottle while going up. Have a good breakfast and go before sunshine.Even in the winter you will feel burning your face in sunshine and wetting  your body in sweat.Don't have unnecessary accessories with you as it is quite tough tough to go up on an unpaved path rather on a proper paved stair.