Friday, 10 January 2014

Ishq e Rasool (S.A.W) aur Allama Iqbal (The love of Holy Prophet (S.A.W) and Allama Iqbal)

Tomb of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W
Allama Iqbal was filled with the love of Holy Prophet (S.A.W). It was his love for Holy Prophet (S.A.W) which took him to Islam after observing eastern and  western systems of life. He did not write even a single complete naat. A naat which is a part of Zauq o Shauq.
       Loh bhi too qalam bi too tera wajood al kitab
       gumbd e abgeena rang teira wajood ma hubab
 is also a naat and at the same time is a hamd. He is famous as an Aashiq e rasool.He says,
       srapaa hsn bn jata ha jis k hsn ka ashiq
       bhla aa dil hseen aisa bhi ha koi  hseenon ma
 Reason is that he has discussed all problems of human life in the light of Quraan o Sunnah.
During his stay in Europe, he was impressed by their technology but soon realized the fact that the structure of western society is hollow in ethics. He observed before World War II that West was going to a huge detruction.He says.
     Tumhari tehzeeb khud apna hath se khud kushi kraa gi
      jo shakh e nazuk pa ashiana bnaa ga napaidar ho gaa
He said that Quran is a living book which motivates and guides man at each and every step. He protested against Hindi and Irani spiritualism (Tasawwuf) which was making Muslims pessimist and idle.
    Ma aisa faqar se aa ehle halqa baaz ayia
    tmhara faqar ha ba daulti o ranjoori
again he says,
   tmadan, tasawaf,shriat,kalam
    butan e ajam k pujari tamam
He went back to Quran o sunnah to find a way of survival for humanity. He emphasized upon Muslims not to limit themselves to prayers but to apply Islam in all spheres of life. 
    asa na ho to kaleemi kar e ba bnyad
He again says,
    vo nbwat ha muslman k lya brg e hasheesh
    jis nubwat mein nhi quwat o shauqat ka piam  
 He found Nabi pak (S.A.W) a practical example of Quran. He developed Nabi pak (S.A.W)'s love from the teachings of Quran. He says,
   salar e karwan ha mir e hijaz apna
   es naam se ha baqi aram e jan hmara
He was very much excited while describing Waqiya-e-mairaaj and tell Muslim that as Hazrat Muhammad's (S.A.w follower they should aim for high goals.
    Pary ha chrkh e neeli faam se manzil muslman ki
     sitary jis ki gard e rah hoo vo karwan too haa
His concept of nationalism also takes shape according to the teaching of Islam.He did not refrain  Muslims of different areas to have their territories but he advices Muslims all over the world to unite themselves according to the teaching of Islam.He said:  
      in taza khudao ma bara sb se watan ha
      jo parahan es ka mzhab ka kafan ha
      aqwam ma mkhlooq e khuda btti ha es sa
      qomiat e islam ki jar katti ha es sa 
       nazzara e dareena zmana ko dikha da
       aa mstafwi khak ma es but ko mila da
He wished that Islam should not be limited to prayers but its teachings should be applied to all spheres of life. He told that if we shall not set before us example of Nabi pak S.A.W we will not be able to fulfill the desire of a welfare state.He rejected all type of Marxism and Socialism after observing them very minutely and said,
       kheera na kr ska mjha jalwa e frang
       surma ha mari ankh ma khak e Madina o njaf
He pinpoints to a fact that our faith is weak.He diverts our attention to purify our belief.He  says,
          zaban sa keh bhi dia la elah to kia hasil
          dil o nigah muslman nhi to kuch bhi nhi
Again he says,
          Guman abad hsti ma yqeen mrde muslman ka
          byaban ki shab e tareeq ma qndeel e rehbani
In early forties Qadianies were active.Iqbal was among the few person who felt about this.He said :
 ''First part of kalima is about Allah and no one denies him, i am worried about second part (nubawat)  of kalima tayyaba.''
He believed that by following Muhammad s.a.w we can be succed in this life as well as in the eternal life.He says:
    ki Muhammad sa wafa too na to hm teraa ha
    ya jahan cheez ha kia loh o qlam teraa ha
It is a tragedy that Muhammad,s s.a.w (who had come for humane unity) name has become a sourse of clash.Muslims are killing each others on petty differences while Nabi pak has said,
  " vo apis ma halka ha aur kuffar pr bhari"
Iqbal says,
    gzr ja sail e tund ro ho kr koh o byaaban sa
    gulistan rah ma aya to jooya naghma khawan ho ja
He condemns to be recognized as Syed,Afghan or as Mirza etc but now Muslims all over the world are weakening by quarelling themselves.Non Muslims are exploiting them. Diverting attention towards this fact he says,
    kisa khabar thi k la ka chiragh e mustafwi
    jahan ma aag lagati phira gi boolahbi
In short,we can say that in the journey of man to humanity he is torchbearer of teaching of Nabi pak S.A.W. Whenever he was asked how he got this prestige his spontaneous reply was "Due to the love of Holy Prophet".He says in  a verse,
    Dar dil e muslim mqam e Mustafa ast
    abroo e ma za naam e Mustafa ast
    dar shbistan e hira khilwat gazid
    qaum o ain o hakoomat afrid
He says at another place,
     too ghni az hr do alam mn faqeer
     roz e mehshar uzr haya mn pazir
     gr too bini hisabm ra naguzir
      az nigah e Mustfa pinhan bagir
(Meaning:Oh Alllah!At the end of the day please accept my excuse.If it is inevitable to charge me of my sins,please don't expose me before MuhammadS.A.W).