Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Article:Fatima Jinnah Park....

Fatima Jinnah Park is also known as F-9 Park.It is situated in F-9 sector. According to its area, it is largest park of Asia. It has vast grassy grounds,variety of plants and so many rosy gardens. A steel fence surrounds it with many exit gates but they are closed most of the time. Only two gates are used for entrance and exit.
It is used for multiple purposes like for sports competitions, Basant festivals, Air Shows and tracking& jogging. People from all spheres of life come here and enjoy its calm,cool, clean and scented atmosphere.
Some cultural monuments enrich its beauty. A bridge in arch style looks magnificent. A building like theater reminds us our ancient culture where people gather such places for entertainment. A Mosque with three domes takes our steps to divinity.
 Some smart statues are erected here and there like a cyclist with  its cycle,a jet aeroplane and a pheasant sculpture etc.
In these days, park is in full bloom because of spring. Cool breeze blows all the time and keeps whole atmosphere pleasant and fragrant. It is public place and people should come here but they should keep in mind that it is their place so it is their duty to keep it neat and clean. Some negligence is also seen by administration. We needed some dust bin for our garbage to throw but couldn't find. Dust bin should be quite enough and easy to approach. 
These parks provide healthy activities for youth and co
mmon people so they should be great in numbers and should be better facilitated.