Friday, 6 September 2013


I am a teacher at a senior high school and teach my students literature.  I am Pakistani  and in subcontinent our Curriculum and media is filled with war description and with  its praise. Not only terrorist but our governments also admire war and inject war love in innocent minds  by including such poems, dramas and movies in our syllabus which propagate war and terrorism.This is time of Atomic war. If once started no one will save . Not the weak nor the strong. So it is better that from the beginning our kids should learn lessons of peace and love. Peace and love is essential to work for any great purpose like solidarity and prosperity. Countries like Japan,Germany and France have learn t  this lesson from History. When will we do this?
Whenever a team from India and Pakistan sits on discussion table they try to let down each other by blaming each other.The question is this that are they ready to start reconciliations or not?Word "Amn ki Asha" is very beautiful but it demands a lot of sacrifices and tolerance from both sides to fulfill the desire of peace and prosperity.If  India will continuously rejecting pak judiciary and keep on demanding to hand over Hafiz Saeed and Pakistan will  not stop blaming India for making plot of Pakistan separation from its Eastern wing (now Bang-la dash) we should not hope of a bright future of both countries relationship. In news we see people of Afghanistan and Wazirstan leaving their homelands and wandering in search of food and shelter.Who has compelled them to do so? Is that person or that power not terrorist? If we could not do any thing for these homeless people we should at least condemn this action. We need a fearless and really equipped with modern knowledge of world perspectives leader ship who could take away our new generations from war fermentation and provide them an environment where they may be able to discover their hidden talents and  go beyond present horizons.