Monday, 9 September 2013


In these days we read and see on TV,Radio, newspapers and on face book the miserable condition of Egyptian people. It is so sad that they succeeded after so many years struggle to elect a Govt which had Islamic ideology.Just for some petty differences among party members Army came and took over the Govt.People of Egypt got annoyed at this action and protested peacefully.Army ordered them to disperse but they weren't ready to retreat from their demands.Army started firing.Soon after this action America supported Army action. Thousands of peaceful protestors were killed in this action.People specially Muslims all over the world are worried about them,They are praying for them.It is no doubt a good gesture but there is also an another angle of picture too.Freedom is not an easy getting goal.An individual or a nation has to go through to so many sacrifices for freedom.So we should pray for their safety as well as for their success in their mission.Mission of bringing in their country a solidarity and prosperity.
This article was written one year back. Now situation is changed.Akhwan,s Govt was dissolved by Army and many of their leaders were sent in jails. Islamic world played here a role of silent  audience with no reaction. They should know,for the sake of their co-existence,they would have to cross this barrier of  senselessness.