Friday, 20 February 2015

Article:Today's Cricket

   Today when West Indies and Pakistan are playing for World Cup.West Indies has scored 311 and now Pakistani team is playing like beginners.They have just scored 2 losing their 3 players.Pakistan has lost already from India. I'm reading my own article and thinking what we and our Govt has learnt from its blunders and mistakes. As experts are saying players were not given proper opportunity to play with other international teams to  overcome their  mistakes before the real game. They were indicating towards selection criteria.Most of them were discussing about the non professional and care free behavior of Chairman Cricket Board. When Imran Khan gave his opinion positively about technicalities he was given shut up call by some unknown people. Now result is before us. Weare listening about fights between Players and  seniors.How can such team  can even imagine of victory who is busy at this critical moment in mutual conflicts. Our Govt is successfully deteriorating all institutions of society No international team is willing to play on our land due to unpleasant atmosphere.Now we should quit  playing rather  playing like this..